Minimum Mental Health Requirements for Shelters

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Open Paw has created guidelines for “Minimum Mental Health Requirements For Shelter Animals” to serve as a template for shelters interested setting an example for the community by providing holistic care for their residents. Open Paw’s vision for shelters is to raise the bar for basic domestic animal care, as well as to serve as a model for the public. Adopting Open Paw’s Minimum Mental Health Requirements (MMHR) and practicing efficient animal-friendly and user-friendly techniques for basic care and training of the shelter animals has a tremendous impact on the community. Everyone who enters the shelter observes firsthand that animal care and training can be simple, humane and enjoyable.

Gorman, K. (2004). Minimum Mental Health Requirements for Shelters. Open paw – building lifelong positive relationships with pets. Retrieved March 6, 2022, from


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Topic(s): Designs that Support Good Welfare, Environment, Kennel Design, Shelter and Rescue