To improve dog welfare, we must pay attention to:

  • physical health 
  • behavioral health 
  • the living space

A healthy environment promotes good dog welfare by:

  • Providing a safe, enriched environment 
  • Allowing positive behavioral or social interactions  
  • Preventing injury, illness, and boredom
environment image

1. Environmental Management & Monitoring

Safe, clean housing is important for dog health and welfare. It also promotes comfort, an important component of dog well-being.

2. Kennel Design with Welfare Considerations

Kennel environments that take canine behavior and welfare into consideration benefits both dogs and caretakers.

3. Environmental Enrichment

Enrichment is changing an animal’s environment to promote behavioral and physical health. The goals of an enrichment plan are to reduce stress and support normal dog behaviors.

4. Retiring & Rehoming

Environmental concerns for retiring and rehoming.