Dog Behavior: How the Past Shapes the Present

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The age-old question of nature versus nurture holds especially true in the animal world and, more particularly, in your dog. Many factors in your dog’s early life can influence their overall mental, emotional, and physical health. For example, a giant-breed puppy fed an incorrect diet can experience lifelong bone and joint issues. Early development also can permanently affect your dog’s behavior traits. For example, anxiety, fear, and reactivity can be inherited traits that are only strengthened through environmental conditions. This reasoning makes it critical to do your research on prospective breeders if you’re planning on purchasing a specific breed, to ensure you find a mentally and physically healthy puppy.

Star of Texas Veterinary Hospital. (2021). Dog Behavior: How the Past Shapes the Present. Retrieved June 20, 2023, from

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Topic(s): Behavior, Developmental Stages, Pet Families, Puppy Development