At-A-Glance: Social Interactions: Handling – CRONEY RESEARCH GROUP



Handling and restraint can be stressful and even painful for dogs.  This can lead to fear of people (e.g. caretakers, strangers), objects (e.g. syringes, clippers, nail trimmers), locations (table, tub), and touch (e.g. ears, approach), posing a threat to good canine welfare. With deliberate selections of handling techniques, caretakers can both minimize the negativity of these interactions and help dogs build positive associations with both people and these activities. Low-stress handling is safer for dogs and people and puts less stress on dogs (critical during pregnancy and whelping).

Rezvani, T., Shreyer, T., Croney, C.  2021. At-A-Glance: Social Interactions: Handling.


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Topic(s): Bare Bones Basics, Behavior, Breeder Resource, Dog to People - Low Stress Handling, Social Interactions