Gaps in Scientific Research Related to Canine-Breeding Considerations

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The purpose of this document is to highlight some of the gaps that have been noted by scientists as they conduct their research in those areas presented in the List of Canine Breeding-Related References document. This list of gaps is not intended to be exhaustive but serves to highlight some of the areas that have been identified as areas for further research. Additionally, there are other topic areas that have been included as deemed pertinent in conversations with researchers working in these fields. This document was written by Robin Vincent with assistance from Dr. Jyothi V. Robertson.

Vincent, R., & Robertson, J. (2022, March 4). Gaps in scientific research related to canine-breeding considerations. JVR Shelter Strategies. Retrieved December 14, 2022, from


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Topic(s): Breeder Resource, Designs that Support Good Welfare, Environment, Kennel Design