Canine Coat Pigmentation Genetics: A Review

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Our understanding of canine coat color genetics and the associated health implications is developing rapidly. To date, there are 15 genes with known roles in canine coat color phenotypes. Many coat phenotypes result from complex and/or epistatic genetic interactions among variants within and between loci, some of which remain unidentified. Some genes involved in canine pigmentation have been linked to aural, visual and neurological impairments. Consequently, coat pigmentation in the domestic dog retains considerable ethical and economic interest. In this paper, we discuss coat color phenotypes in the domestic dog, the genes and variants responsible for these phenotypes and any proven coat color-associated health effects.

Brancalion, L., Haase, B. and Wade, C.M. (2021). Canine coat pigmentation genetics: a review. Animal Genetics. doi: 10.1111/age.13154


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Topic(s): Breeder Resource, Genetics, How Genetics Impacts Welfare