A Collection of Six Genetics Articles

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A collection of articles by Dr. Jerold S. Bell. Includes: 1) Pedigree Analysis and How Breeding Decisions Affect Genes; 2) Small Population Breeds and Issues of Genetic Diversity; 3) Popular-Sire Syndrome: Keeping watch over health and quality issues in purebreds; 4) The Effects of Genetic Testing: Constructive or Destructive?; 5) Removing the stigma of genetic disease; and 6) Breeding Strategies for Managing Genetic Traits.

Milligan, A. (2021). Genetics Articles by Jerold Bell, DVM. DogWellNet. Retrieved May 18, 2022, from https://dogwellnet.com/files/file/284-genetics-articles-dr-jerold-bell/

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Topic(s): Breeder Resource, Genetics, Health, How Genetics Impacts Welfare