WALTHAM® Pocket Book of Puppy Nutrition and Care

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Everyone enjoys playing with a puppy. Puppies are so full of energy and enthusiasm. Puppyhood
is, however, a critical time. Puppies soon grow into large and demanding dogs with sharp teeth.
Mistakes during this critical time period can fundamentally change a puppy’s relationship with
people and other dogs and also influence their health and wellbeing. This booklet provides a
succinct and readable introduction to key steps in the nutritional and behavioral development
of puppies.

Alexander, L., Buckley, C., Merrill, R., Morris, P., Stevenson, A., & Tesh, J. (2012). WALTHAM® pocket book of puppy nutrition and care (R. Hill MRCVS & R. Butterwick, Eds.). Retrieved from https://www.waltham.com/sites/g/files/jydpyr1046/files/2020-05/walthampocketbookofpuppynutritionandcare.pdf

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Topic(s): Breeder Resource, Nutrition, Puppies