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What do puppies need to thrive? Good nutrition. Learn more in our infographic, which you can download and print to share!!


Anna Kate Shoveller, PhD

Professor and Champion Petfoods Chair in Canine and Feline Nutrition, Physiology and Metabolism

Website: http://animalbiosciences.uoguelph.ca/abscpeople/ashovell

This nutrition article was reviewed by Dr. Anna Kate Shoveller, as well as the postdoctoral scholars in her lab: Alexandra Rankovic and Pauline Kosmal.

Dr. Shoveller earned a BS(honors) in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph and a PhD in Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Alberta. She is currently a professor in the Department of Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph. Prior to this position, she worked in the animal nutrition industry from 2007-2015. Her research group also considers animal behavior and quality of life in their focus on comparative nutrition and physiology, particularly amino acid metabolism, protein quality, and macronutrient partitioning in dogs, cats, horses, and pigs. 

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