Canine Dystocia in 50 UK First-Opinion Emergency-Care Veterinary Practices: Prevalence and Risk Factors

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Dystocia can represent a major welfare issue for dogs of certain breeds and morphologies. First‐opinion emergency‐care veterinary caseloads represent a useful data resource for epidemiological research because dystocia can often result in emergency veterinary care. The study analysed a merged database of clinical records from 50 first‐opinion emergency‐care veterinary practices participating in the VetCompass Programme. Multivariable logistic regression modelling was used for risk factors analysis.

O’Neill, D. G., O’Sullivan, A. M., Manson, E. A., Church, D. B., Boag, A. K., McGreevy, P. D., & Brodbelt, D. C. (2017). Canine dystocia in 50 UK first-opinion emergency care veterinary practices: prevalence and risk factors. The Veterinary record181(4), 88.

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Topic(s): Breeder Resource, Health, Reproductive Healthcare, Veterinary Care