Canine Brucellosis – Information for Owners

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Canine brucellosis is found world-wide. It is an increasing concern in North America due to importation of infected breeding dogs and semen for artificial insemination. Disease in dogs can be:
• Subclinical, dogs frequently have no obvious disease signs.
• Associated with acute or chronic signs, such as: 1) Reproductive disease, e.g. abortion (typically late term), weak pups who die shortly after birth, infertility (bitch or stud); 2) Spine or neurologic disease, e.g. back or neck pain
Infection is poorly responsive to treatment. Neutering alone will not cure an infected dog. Breeding programs with infertility or abortion concerns should promptly test dogs. All breeding programs should have a routine testing schedule, especially for any new dogs. Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease. Infected dogs can infect people and in many jurisdictions it is reportable to animal and public health agencies.

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