AVDC Position Statement: Companion Animal Dental Scaling Without Anesthesia

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In the United States and Canada, only licensed veterinarians can practice veterinary medicine. Veterinary medicine includes veterinary surgery, medicine and dentistry. Anyone providing dental services other than a licensed veterinarian, or a supervised and trained veterinary technician, is practicing veterinary medicine without a license and shall be subject to criminal charges. This position statement addresses dental scaling procedures performed on pets without anesthesia, often by individuals untrained in veterinary dental techniques. Although the term “Anesthesia-Free Dentistry” has been used in this context, AVDC prefers to use the more accurate term Non-Professional Dental Scaling (NPDS) to describe this combination.

Companion Animal Dental Scaling Without anesthesia – AVDC. (2004). Retrieved December 30, 2022, from https://avdc.org/PDF/Dental_Scaling_Without_Anesthesia.pdf

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