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Refining Canine Welfare Assessment in Kennels: Evaluating the Reliability of Field Instantaneous Dog Observation (FIDO) Scoring – CRONEY RESEARCH GROUP

Accurate assessments of behavior and welfare are needed to evaluate the state of domestic dogs maintained in commercial breeding (CB) and other types of kennels. Field assessments of dogs’ states of being must be valid, reliable, and efficient. However, concerns about observer subjectivity and situational variation in dogs’ responses pose a challenge to incorporating behavioral metrics into welfare assessment tools. The Field Instantaneous Dog Observation (FIDO) tool, designed to capture the immediately observable physical and behavioral status of dogs in kennels, was thus examined. The Stanton Foundation

Evaluation of an Easy-to-Use Protocol for Assessing Behaviors of Dogs Retiring From Commercial Breeding Kennels – CRONEY RESEARCH GROUP

Objective, reliable behavioral tests are needed to refine on-site welfare assessments of dogs housed at commercial breeding (CB) kennels and provide a basis to inform predictions of their behavior when retired from such kennels. This study tested the reliability, construct validity, and applicability of a protocol for the behavioral assessment of dogs from CB kennels that might be useful in comprehensive welfare assessments of this population. Stanton Foundation

Evaluating FIDO: Developing and Pilot Testing the Field Instantaneous Dog Observation Tool – CRONEY RESEARCH GROUP

Field assessments of the health and welfare of kenneled dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) must be both accurate and rapid. In order to facilitate such evaluations, especially by individuals with limited training in canine behavior and welfare, a non-invasive tool was developed and pilot-tested utilizing dogs housed in commercial breeding facilities. World Pet Association, Pet Food Institute

The 4F’s of Fear- Fear Responses

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The Four “Fs” of Fear

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