Collecting and Utilizing Phenotypic Data to Minimize Disease: A Breeder’s Practical Guide

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The concepts advocated herein are based on sound genetic principles and are designed to help breeders manage many types of complicated real-world breeding decisions. The OFA recognizes that most hobby and competition breeders have admirable intentions, but are faced with a challenging blend of art and science in which one of the most frustrating aspects is the seeming unpredictability of results. Vertical pedigree construction and analysis is a very powerful tool that can assist in reducing surprises and improving predictability. With this method, progress toward one’s goals is usually more assured, and the risks of unexpected and potentially devastating disease is decreased. This technique can help breeders build a foundation that can become stronger and more dependable with every successive generation. By working closely together, OFA and the conscientious breeders who depend on its services can continue to make significant strides toward protecting and advancing the health of dogs.

Hoven, R. (2020, October 7). Collecting and utilizing phenotypic data to minimize disease: A breeder’s practical guide. DogWellNet.


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