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Refining Canine Welfare Assessment in Kennels: Evaluating the Reliability of Field Instantaneous Dog Observation (FIDO) Scoring – CRONEY RESEARCH GROUP

Accurate assessments of behavior and welfare are needed to evaluate the state of domestic dogs maintained in commercial breeding (CB) and other types of kennels. Field assessments of dogs’ states of being must be valid, reliable, and efficient. However, concerns about observer subjectivity and situational variation in dogs’ responses pose a challenge to incorporating behavioral metrics into welfare assessment tools. The Field Instantaneous Dog Observation (FIDO) tool, designed to capture the immediately observable physical and behavioral status of dogs in kennels, was thus examined. The Stanton Foundation

Turning up the Volume on Man’s Best Friend: Ethical Issues Associated with Commercial Dog Breeding – CRONEY RESEARCH GROUP

As the dog’s popularity as a human companion has grown, demand for purebred dogs has likewise escalated. Commercial breeding of dogs, which currently helps to meet such demands has become a point of social contention. The co-evolution of dogs and humans and the unique, familial relationships people have developed with them suggest that they are owed special consideration of their needs and interests that is independent of their utility to humans.