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Early Play in Puppies & Safe Toys to Offer

from the Croney Research Group Puppies explore their environments as soon as their senses develop and they can move around. When puppies enter their third and fourth weeks of life, they begin playing with objects. They will start nosing and mouthing toys, if offered....

Quick Tips for Success: Environmental Enrichment in Kennels – Croney Research Group

Environmental enrichment is the provision of accommodation or enhancement to the kennel that improves the quality of animal care in various ways. Effective enrichment: a. increases the number and types of normal
behaviors dogs show. b. reduces abnormal behaviors. c. increases dog’s use of the space given to them. d. helps dogs to cope with stress by giving them the opportunity to have some control over themselves and aspects of their environment. Shreyer, T., Rezvani, T., Croney, C. (2021). Quick Tips for Success: Environmental Enrichment in Kennels. Life of Riley at Spring Point