Our Mission

To promote the welfare of dogs by providing carefully curated, science-based information from a variety of sources that is easily accessible to commercial dog breeders and other individuals and organizations that care about dogs.

Our goal is to bridge knowledge gaps within the canine caretaker community and to bring groups of caretakers together to work toward a shared quest to improve the welfare of dogs living in breeding, research, teaching, and sheltering kennels.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Candace Croney

Candace Croney, PhD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Candace Croney

Traci Shreyer, MA

Education Program Specialist

Dr. Candace Croney

Shanis Barnard, PhD

Research Program Manager

Dr. Candace Croney

Taylor Rezvani, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Dr. Candace Croney

Barb List

Education Specialist

Wendy Madore

Sarah Boysen, PhD

Collaborating Investigator

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